January 2023

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break and your new year is off to a good start. As we enter our 3rd year of this adventure, I can certainly say it’s been an interesting ride and I can’t wait to see how the upcoming year turns out. Last year we achieved some nice milestones in partnering with Lunds & Byerlys to introduce our salsa into their stores, and the acceptance and support by their team and their customers has been fantastic. That opportunity also allowed us to enter into a distribution arrangement with a regional distributor called Lipari Foods. That was a big step for us, and we’re hoping that as we develop that relationship it will help us continue to grow into other grocery store chains.

As with many small family businesses, we certainly had some challenges last year also. Prices for raw materials and glass jars, let alone just the ability to get them at times certainly made us question whether we’d be able to keep things afloat. One other little challenge was that our co-packer decided to close his operation and we spent quite a bit of time finding another partner that had the capacity and was willing to make our product for us. The positive side of facing those challenges is when we get them resolved it always improves our ability to produce and supply product. I’m sure 2023 will have its own set of challenges, but I think 2022 made us better and we’re ready for the next part of the journey.

Most of the changes we’ve made you probably can’t really see relative to being able to purchase our products, but one addition we’ve made that we hope you can see is we’ve hired someone to help us with our Social Media campaign. I’ve been told by several people that they have noticed a change in our social media presence and we’re certainly pleased with what they have been doing for us. Hopefully you’ve also noticed more energy and creativity in our posts. There is certainly more to come. I do have a request, please make sure you like our Facebook and Instagram pages and when you see a post, please share it to your feed. That is one of the best ways for people to hear about our products. Also, if you happen to be on LinkedIn, please follow us there and share our page with your network.

To make it worth your while, here 2 chances to get a 10% Discount on your next online order:

Some of our recent posts highlight some of the comments you’ve shared with us over the past few years. We’d love to hear more from you. Send me a comment about your favorite flavor that I can share in our social media accounts, and I’ll send you a special discount code you can use to get 10% of your next order. Send your comments directly to me at

Also, we’ve heard from several of you about how you’re using our salsa in your recipes. We’d love to share them with everyone. Post your favorite recipe using our salsa onto our Facebook or Instagram page and I’ll send you a code for a free jar with your next order.

Places you can find us:

All Lunds & Byerlys ( in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

The Butcher's Deli ( in Victoria, MN.

All Kowalski's Markets ( in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

Prasek's in Sealy, TX ( is carrying our salsas and we’re hoping to be on the shelves in their El Campo location soon. If you’re west of Houston on I-10, stop in and see them. They have a fantastic location, a wonderful meat market, and you can pick up some salsa while you’re there.

People’s Food Co-Op ( in LaCrosse, WI and we hope to add our two new flavors to their shelves soon as well. And we’re at the same Farmer’s Markets in Katy, TX and Bellville, TX every month:

The Farmer’s Market on Grand Parkway ( - 1225 Grand Parkway (Hwy 99). Katy, TX 77494. Saturdays - 8 a.m. to Noon. We are trying to be there every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Bellville Farmer’s Market ( – located at the Jim Bishop Pavilion on North Bell and Palm Street just one block north of the downtown square in Bellville, TX. The market is open the first Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to Noon.

And of course, we are always happy to ship directly to you or your family and friends anywhere in the United States.

We genuinely appreciate all of your support and business. Your support and feedback is what keeps us going, and seeing this network grow is still my favorite part of this endeavor.

Marc, Jason, and Jeremy

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